Leonardo Software is one of the largest re-sellers of royalty free commercial sound effects in the United States catering to the audio professional. We have over 130,000 sound effects from thirty different sound effect libraries such as Audio Pro, BBC, Creative Support, DeWolfe, Hollywood Edge, KPM, Media Arts, Network, Numerical, Sonic Science, Sound Ideas and Valentino. In addition to selling the Sound FX collections we also sell many as individual Sound FX CDs. If you work in any type of audio production from theater to motion pictures, Leonardo Software is the place to find all your royalty free sound effects.

Leonardo Software also offers a suite of four programs designed and developed by professional sound editors/designers:  Professional Librarian for cataloging sound effects and music, Sound Supervisor for spotting sound effects, Spotmaker for spotting ADR, and CuePrinter for printing cuesheets.

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